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Labels, Filters, and Subjects – Cisco Describing Cisco ACI

Labels, Filters, and Subjects Label, filter, and subject managed objects enable mixing and matching among EPGs and contracts so as to satisfy various applications or service delivery requirements. Contracts can contain multiple communication rules, and multiple EPGs can both consume and provide multiple contracts. Labels control which rules apply when communicating between a specific pair

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ACI Logical Constructs – Cisco Describing Cisco ACI

ACI Logical Constructs The policy model manages the entire fabric, including the infrastructure, authentication, security, services, applications, and diagnostics. Logical constructs in the policy model define how the fabric meets the needs of any of the functions of the fabric. Figure 8-17 provides an overview of the ACI policy model logical constructs.    Figure 8-17

Multicast Distribution Trees

Cisco ACI Overview – Cisco Describing Cisco ACI

Cisco ACI Overview Cisco ACI is a spine/leaf network of Nexus 9k switches using the ACI operating system with a management platform. The network management platform called APIC provides a single place from which the network can be managed. Cisco ACI solutions have the following building blocks: Cisco ACI resolves the following challenges of traditional